Can I Smoke Weed after the Covid-19 vaccine shot?

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Can I Smoke Weed after the Covid-19 vaccine shot?

Although Corona virus cases numbers have dropped significantly since vaccines showed up, health officials say we are still nowhere close to herd immunity, which the federal GOVT defines as 70 percent of the population being inoculated. July 2021 saw rise in cases in most US states.

But a few people, including long-term weed users, might be reluctant to get their vaccine dose because they are not sure how their bodies will react after the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Smoking weed after vaccine.

The vaccines are ushering in normal family life, and a reason to rejoice, after more than a year of isolation. And, while some are wondering if it is okay to have celebratory drinks after the shot, what about those of us who mark significant reunions with marijuana?

The vaccines trials did not exclude, or track weed use status, but several experts say that there is no evidence the vaccine shot interacts badly with weed smoking. 

Subjective evidence also points towards weed-smoking pre- or post-shot being okay. More than 300 million Americans have received a vaccine shot and the number of new cases continues to decline significantly, demonstrating the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and efficient. Millions of Americans who regularly smoke weed have vaccine immunity to this deadly new pathogen.

It is crucial folks protect themselves as well as their communities, yet anti-vax lurks in the weed/marijuana community, just like broader society. Weed lover comments that younger people should forgo the shot. In reality, heavy lifestyle weed smokers report being less likely to get vaccinated, a survey indicates.

And we also know that the vaccine shot side effects are very rare, whether it is an allergic reaction or these even more rare blood clots in some, and the stands in contrast to know the side effects of Covid-19 in your body, not including just those causalities but entire the disabilities and the sickness and the capability for you to spread it.

Is it safe to smoke weed before or after getting a vaccine shot?

If you smoke weed, the vaccine shot is safe for you.

Whether it is time for your appointment, we recommend that you are not high. This not the case because of a Covid-19 vaccine safety issue (the weed interferes with the shot) but because the health officials need your informed consent before giving shots. Weed might lessen (impair) your ability to completely understand the health information and ask questions. 

Several adults feel a bit worried about immunization appointments. Here are few things you can do before or during as well as after the immunization appointment that can help make the procedure easier and less stressful for you.

Final Thoughts

We do not have specific recommendations around the weed smoke after getting the Covid-19 vaccine shot. There are no authentic studies around weed use and the efficiency of the vaccine shot. There is emerging evidence suggesting that weed or marijuana smoking can have serious consequences on a person’s respiratory system as well as immune competence, so it is even more vital to get a vaccine to protect yourself from the corona virus if you smoke.


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