Cannabis Benefits to Keeping a Personal or 2021 Bullet Journal?

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Cannabis Benefits to Keeping a Personal or 2021 Bullet Journal?

How many times have you went to the weed spot and got home to find out that, the weed was fire and stated I would buy that again and forgot the name of the strain? Then you end up buying the latest and freshest stock that just came in and is moving off the shelf? Because marijuana dispensaries do not forever have the same strains or products accessible all the time, odds are best it will slip your mind once the buzz dies down. But also, now most dispensaries track customer purchases with their phone number given the dispensary for the point system they use, normally 1 point equals each dollar amount spent.

But if you keep some type of cannabis journal, you will take the time to write down what you love or do not love this needs to be a simple process. That means you would not make the error of missing out on a forgotten favorite - or buying a whack strain or ineffective edibles for a second time, this needs to be a phone app?

You can keep track of your preferences, usage, and experiences by keeping a cannabis journal. It can support you to uncover patterns that can help you better treat your symptoms and note products you do not like or find successful for the symptom or even track when you used the product with time-of-day information for you.

Writing a Journal.

Writing a Journal.

Pick your type of tracker, handwritten notes, or phone app?

It is up to you if you want to go out and buy your own paperback notebook or check online for cannabis journals that have a structured layout. If you have a specific way you would like to track information in your journal, would be best if you could customize your journal with your topics and notes of what would help you in this endeavor. It needs to be easy to enter data for future reference.

Begin tracking.

You can figure out your own rating scale, draw images, use emoji stickers, write good notes while experiencing the product, also notes about how you are feeling after a blunt of one of the Cakes named strains or rank by category. It is your goal so make it simple with detailed information. Just be sure to make notes and observations while experiencing the product before you forget again.

Do make it simple with detailed information.

Do make it simple with detailed information.

So, you are trying out new Flower, Edible, Tincture, Pre-roll, Topical, Beverage, Concentrate or Vaping Products and THC and CBD levels someone has recommended so this can be a planned process, mainly if you are not that familiar with your tolerance level. In your cannabis journals, you can write down the brand, the amount of CBD or THC, the product name, and track how long it took to kick in. You will be shocked at how much more you will enjoy weed once you get a best idea of what you like and not be guessing and what to expect it.

You can also keep track of how often you are using Flower, Edible, Tincture, Pre-roll, Topical, Beverage, Concentrate or Vaping Products and THC and CBD. Whether you are trying to cut back a little bit or just want to be tracking of when and how often you are using weed products, also writing down your drinking habits when there was a combo use of both alcohol and weed use or any other recreational drugs you use can be helpful.

Final Note:

You can really set levels that you really want to meet, track your progress, stay on top of this until you see progress then push harder, test yourself? Want to try something different, document a new journey, be creative to keep yourself interested, manage your health issues, if you feel lost, this will help you find yourself, or manifest things into reality, read it every day and say it out loud, this should provide you with an great starting point and purpose for your cannabis bullet journal, can be for more than weed, this is just a part of your life.


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