Did You Know? Marijuana has a long history of human use!

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Did You Know? Marijuana has a long history of human use!

Did You Know?

 Marijuana has a long history of human use!

Only very recently has marijuana been viewed as something negative that should be avoided. Therefore, it is worth looking at this plant from the other side and try to understand why it is so attractive and useful for people.



We are concerned that you have access to marijuana nearby, it is usually used for medical purposes - to alleviate the condition of patients with diagnoses such as Parkinson's disease, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis. 

Moreover, medical marijuanas are used to improve appetite, reduces nausea during chemotherapy, and helps against severe chronic pain.

It is also proved to be not as addictive as alcohol and people who use marijuana tend to behave calmer and chill as well as sleepy.

Since marijuana is a natural plant, there can be various types of it. 

Marijuana strains are distinguished by their unique flavors, color, aroma, and richness. 

Some varieties of marijuana (hemp) can be used to make fiber, oil, paper, ropes, and seeds. 

Hemp Sunglasses

Hemp Sunglasses

Seeds of marijuana have a lot more benefits and are very good for the health.

Moreover, they are recommended to be included in food because of the high content of substances and elements useful for humans.

As an example, these seeds can be used in various forms: they are eaten peeled, germinated, ground into flour, oil, and milk are made from them. 

Further, having prepared the seeds in a certain way, they can be used to prepare various dishes. 

Raw peeled seeds of marijuana are usually added to salads. And in a crushed form, soups, hot dishes, snacks, sauces, and pastries are prepared with them. The taste of hemp seeds is slightly resembling nuts, and they have a slight astringency and bitterness.

There is nothing difficult in using marijuana seeds. The daily norm for an adult is 1-2 full tablespoons.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

In recent years, marijuana seed supplements have been gaining popularity among athletes. 

The thing is that they are almost entirely made up of protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle tone and recuperating after exercise.

Doctors have long known about the relaxing effects of marijuana. Many people use it to relieve stress or make it easier.

It is also said that you cannot die from marijuana, no matter how much you smoke. 

If we talk theoretically about a lethal dose of marijuana, then this would be 800 breaths in a short period. 

As a matter of fact, a person will not be able to take so many breaths.

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