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By WeedMain 6 months ago Legalization

If marijuana was legalized in your state, would you grow it at home?

. Some states with legalized cannabis do not allow you to grow recreational weed at your place of resident for recreational visit your local dispensary near me recreational.That depends on your curren...

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By WeedMain 8 months ago Strains

Hindu Kush Strains History, Types, Effects.

Kush is a specific assortment of cannabis that slips from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range traverses the Afghanistan-Pakistan line and is one of only a handful few geographic districts wh...

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By WeedMain 9 months ago Strains

What are the Newest and the Best Marijuana Strains to Grow in 2021.

The practice of growing marijuana strains is developing each day and as a result we are getting newer kinds. New Flavors and higher THC are playing a huge role in it.What are the newest and the best m...

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By WeedMain 11 months ago Articles

Find Excellent Black-Owned Cannabis Brands.

Find Excellent Black-Owned Cannabis Brands.Black-ownedAfrican-American organizations, otherwise called Black-claimed organizations or Black organizations, started in the times of servitude before 1865...

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By WeedMain 1 year ago Articles

The Growth of Craft Marijuana, Craft Grower: The Art of Cultivating THC.

The initiative to legalize marijuana has been active for some time now. As the years are passing by, more and more states have succeeded with the law. The list of states where marijuana is legalizing...

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