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By WeedMain 6 months ago Legalization

If marijuana was legalized in your state, would you grow it at home?

. Some states with legalized cannabis do not allow you to grow recreational weed at your place of resident for recreational visit your local dispensary near me recreational.That depends on your curren...

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By WeedMain 8 months ago Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business: How to Profit Off the Marijuana Market?

The marijuana market is growing exponentially. Since the 80’s and 90’s into the 2000’s, it has gone from a billion-dollar industry to one worth more than $10 billion in just 12 months. The trend looks...

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By WeedMain 1 year ago Articles

The Growth of Craft Marijuana, Craft Grower: The Art of Cultivating THC.

The initiative to legalize marijuana has been active for some time now. As the years are passing by, more and more states have succeeded with the law. The list of states where marijuana is legalizing...

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