This article discusses dabbing, what live resin is, how it differs from distillate, what live resin carts are, and a list of live resin, what is badder.

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This article discusses dabbing, what live resin is, how it differs from distillate, what live resin carts are, and a list of live resin, what is badder.

Weed been your thing for a minute now, rolling them .6-to-1-gram joints no blunts, WeedMain rolls old fashion joints with zig zag ultra-thin. When it comes to smoking some weed out, a joint is my thing, and I can roll one expeditiously.

But you see resins, dabs and thought about trying something different. What has delayed me was the cough, from hitting those rigs.

This article discusses dabbing, what live resin is, how it differs from distillate, what live resin carts are, and a list of live resin, what is badder.

This article discusses dabbing, what live resin is, how it differs from distillate, what live resin carts are, and a list of live resin, what is badder.


Small hairs cover the cannabis plant, causing it to appear crystal clear and feel sticky.

Trichomes are glandular hairs. A resinous material holds the trichomes together, which contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that are characteristic of cannabis. As weed resin, think of it as the stuff that holds all the compounds produced by the trichome together.

In the cannabis plant, resin is produced to deter pests. The resin of the cannabis plant is bitter and contains terpenes that repel insects. As an example, Linalool is a terpene that occurs in cannabis, and which provides a variety of health benefits for users. There is also a use for it in insecticides for its ability to kill insects. Furthermore, resin protects the plant from excess exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and helps it maintain a healthy surface humidity, which keeps it moist.

So, when protected from the elements - light, air, and heat - weed resin can last for a long time. Also, resin is naturally protected from oxygen by its own cannabinoids, particularly when pressed into hash. As a result, resin darkens. Due to their dark brown color and opaqueness, the active compounds remain fresh longer on the shelf thanks to a protection from ultraviolet light (UV).

In addition, pipe resin is a term for the sticky substance left behind in pipes when cannabis is smoked. In tobacco smoking instruments like pipes and bowls, ashes, tar build up, and carbon are created during the combustion of cannabis.

Resin bowl

How is resin collected from the plant?


Cannabis trichomes are processed and compressed to make hash. In general, it is smoked, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer, or joint, or consumed orally. As of 2016, the country of Lebanon, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Morocco, and Pakistan still use hash as a form of payment. Europe is also a popular place to consume hash. It is more common to engage in dried flowers or concentrates in the United States, but hash has recently become more popular because of changes in law. The name of hash, as with many recreational strain names, depending on where you live in the world.


In Jamaica as well as the Indian subcontinent, charas is a cannabis concentrate made with resin from a live cannabis plant, rolled into balls using collected resin. It is a cash crop for the local people of Northern India along the Himalayas.

Dry sift the kief, or resin, is removed from cannabis by sieving. Hashes can be produced by pressing and heating dry sift.

Pros of collecting resin

There are a variety of uses for weed resin, some of which are more efficient than others. Essentially, when you separate the resin from the cannabis plant, you're gathering all the plant's beneficial compounds. The process of collecting resin from a cannabis plant is comparable to customizing your Facebook feed to include only things you are interested in... During the distillation process, you are separating chemical constituents from raw plant matter so you can discover the plant's potency and effects. The rapid growth of concentrates within the cannabis market is largely due to the inherent potency of concentrates produced by resin glands over flower.  

Does smoking resin get you high?

As a rule of thumb, not enough resin worth smoking inside a bong or pipe that contains a small amount of THC. Even though resin has some THC in it, it has a nasty taste and contains a considerably high percentage of tar. Using a bong to smoke resin is not a common practice, as the risks exceed the benefits.

Tobacco tar, regardless of the source, is harmful to inhale. You might not have suffered any adverse effects if you took a few resin hits from your pipe with a loaded bowl. get some more weed or concentrates, it may be better to wait rather than smoking something with less THC that is also harmful to your body.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a better way to remove resin from your hands and pipe?

Pour rubbing alcohol into a plastic bag and submerge the pipe or bowl in it. If the resin is sticky, mix in a teaspoon of table salt (sodium chloride) or Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), which will act like a scrubber. In the bag with the pipe or bowl, soak the pipe or bowl for about half of day, so that the alcohol has time to dissolve the resin.


You can also remove weed resin or leftover resin from your hands by rubbing alcohol. It may be easier to remove resin from your fingers by rubbing them in vegetable or olive oil rather than harsh chemicals.

Can you use a vaporizer to smoke resin?

Vaporizers can burn resin. Like smoking resin, however, you're unlikely to obtain an adequate amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. Be ready to clean you vape, the vape resin may clog up your vaporizer and smell like you smoking on some dirty socks.

Is live resin what it sounds like?

what’s live resin Many cannabis concentrates can be described or named by their textures or appearances: some are hard and brittle, like shatter; others are waxy; and others appear like sauces. live resin badder is between a wax and a sauce, not quite as smooth as taffy, but not as wet either.

Typically, it is a darker yellow in color, but can also be a lighter yellow or white. Dabbing cannabis concentrates requires a dab tool because they are extremely sticky.

In general, live resins possess a high level of THC, and consumers enjoy its strong flavors and aroma since it is infused with the original plant.

The differences between live resin vs distillate, live rosin.

Using butane or propane, a solvent extraction is used to create live resin from frozen cannabis plants. Rosin is a solventless extract made by heating and pressing trichomes from the plant.

Obviously, both extracts are “live” since they combine frozen cannabis plants as a source material, whereas simple resins and rosins are extracted using dried and not frozen cannabis plants, respectively, with solvents and solventless extraction.

In the cannabis industry, a distillate is created when a resin is refined to either remove impurities or isolate a specific compound.

Where can I buy live resin? Check for a dispensary near me.

In the past few decades, live resin has evolved quite a bit. In the past few years, they were only available in certain connoisseur markets at high prices, sometimes exceeding $60 per gram in dispensaries.

Nowadays, live resins are more affordable, and most dispensaries offer an array of options, even if they still sell for a higher price than other concentrate products.

At the low end, live resins usually cost $20 and up per gram, but at the high end, they can be up to $65 per gram at many dispensaries near me.

Live Resins Below:

·        Bacio Gelato Live Slush

·        GMO Crasher

·        Jealousy Live Slush

·        Zhit'z Fire Live Slush

·        Great Aunt's Secret Live Resin Product Image

·        Dutch Delight Live Resin Sugar Product Image

·        Kush Mintz Live Resin Sugar

·        Star Pebbles Gems 'N Juice

·        Weird Science Live Resin Sugar

·        Animal Cookies Live Resin

·        Blueberry Shortcake

·        Orange Cake

·        Platinum Kush Breath Live Resin

·        Tasty Wave

·        White Tahoe Cookies

·        Cosmic Cobalt Unicorn Live Resin Crumble

·        Deep Space Sparkle Unicorn Live Resin Crumble

·        Kushberry Live Resin Crumble

·        Melon Live Resin Sugar

·        Duct Tape Cryotek

·        GMO Cold Cured

·        Garlic Juice Live Resin

·        Ghost Train Haze Live Resin

·        Pineapple Punch Cryotek

·        Glookies Loud Resin

Where and when did live resin enter the mainstream?

A relatively new cannabis concentrate is live resin. The Growery began in 2011-2013 with a handful of producers and extractors based in Colorado.

William Fenger, called "Kind Bill," and "Giddy Up", founding partner of EmoTek Labs, pioneered the live resin extraction process. To produce live resin, they invented a BHO extractor that can maintain very low temperatures.

Combined, their efforts produced a weed that retained its terpenes, flavor, and aroma, that taste that certain weed you have smoked in the past, that seemed like it all worked together and produced a high, they left you saying "damn".

Cannabis lovers are relatively new to live resin. Additionally, the method preserves the taste and fragrance of the live plant better than other extracts, making it cheaper and easier to create.

Live terpene profiles enable resins to provide a better experience, which is why they are so loved.


Dabbing live resin is common. Specifically, you will need a dab rig, torch, and e-nail or nail. The concentrate will also need to be applied to a nail with a dab tool, likely with a scoop given live resin's goopy consistency.

For an optimal dabbing experience, you should stick to a low temperature—around 530°F—to preserve terpenes and flavors without scorching the concentrate.

how to smoke live resin? dab pen is a good method of vaping select live resin cartridge.

Dab pens are like vaporizers, except they contain concentrates instead of live resin. If your dab pen does not come with an oven or bowl, you must use a dabber tool to insert your live resin. All that is left to do is adjust the temperature, press the button, and draw.


In addition to boosting the potency to weed pipes, joints, and blunts, you can also add some live resin to them.


This week, we're going to talk about wax. The crumble can be called many things, such as sugar, honeycomb, and budder. Depending on their texture and consistency, beeswax cannabis concentrates are referred to by various names.

If a person has never tried wax cannabis before, they might wonder how it is smoked and how high will I get, what tools to use, and what different steps they need to take.

Wax is a concentrated form of cannabis. This means that it has higher THC levels t There are more forms of cannabis.

Among BHUs (Butane Hash Oil), wax is the most common form. Using butane, wax is formulated from cannabis buds and trimmings to produce cannabinoids and terpenes. A lot of skill is required to do this correctly even though it seems simple.

This process results in a wide variety of waxes. Depending on its composition, it may either be liquid, solid and crumbly, or somewhere in between. The compounds that make up wax are only slightly different despite the difference in texture.

There are several ways to smoke wax

Several methods are available for smoking wax. A glass bong, glass rig, or bowl is the most familiar method, but there are several other ways to consume marijuana.

Cannabis smokers may be aware of the tradition of smoking wax in a joint. A specific way must be rolled to achieve the full effect, however.

Smoking wax is now easier and faster than ever with dab pens. Vape pens that use wax cartridges are portable. The drawback of using a vape pen to vaporize wax is they are more costly.


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