Here’s his blog and some recent entries.

My conversation with Lex Pelger is now available at Psychedelic Salon. Thoughts/comments/questions are welcome.

I’m pleased to announce that I have become a consultant on the new “Policy” section of Chacruna, a cutting-edge online journal relating to psychedelics.

I am pleased to announced that my article Psychedelic Markets of the Future has been published on the cutting-edge website Chacruna.

Dear Readers: It is time to conceptualize the structure of legal access to psychedelics. I started this blog in 2010 with the intention of laying the foundation for the development of Psychedelic Law, an examination of the unique characteristics of psychedelics, with the goal of extricating them from the antiquated “narcotics control” model to which… Read MoreWhat is Psychedelic Law

Description: In the 1950s and early 1960s, over 1,000 scientific papers were written about LSD, an exciting phenomenon new to Western medicine that offered an unprecedented window into brain function and revolutionary potential in mental health care. By 1970, the status of LSD and other psychedelics had changed dramatically; they were branded a menace to… Read More“The Legal History of Psychedelics” is taking place in front of you

I’m reading Professor Blitz’s 2010 article “Freedom of Thought for the Extended Mind: Cognitive Enhancement and the Constitution” as part of my preparation for the Legal History of Psychedelics program at the NYC Bar Association next Wednesday. The topic of his paper is not psychedelics per se. Instead it focuses on the legality of using… Read MoreDrug policy without neuroscience

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