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Unusual and interesting things about Marijuana


Some years back, when people heard about Marijuana, they thought it is one of the deadly drugs. Many governments around the world prohibited the use of this drug. Then came a new wave. Many people started to grow the Marijuana secretly for personal use. They even extracted the drug and sold it without the consent of the government. There was news all around the world about the ill effects of the drugs. However, with time, many things changed. Many scientists, medical institutes, and the cannabis industries started to do their research. This lead to the transformation in acceptance of the Marijuana. Now, we see its impact everywhere. It has many applications in medicine and the psychological treatments. Marijuana has an interesting history to it. Many people take permission from the government to grow or for the medical value. In this article, we will look at some of the interesting things about the Marijuana.

Interesting names for the Marijuana

First, we need to name the medical terminology of the Marijuana. Then we can concentrate on the other funny names, street names and other local names for the Marijuana. In medical terms, it is famous as medical cannabis or the Medical Marijuana. It has two famous varieties. One is THC cannabis and other is CBD cannabis. In street, the Marijuana is famous as pot, weed, ganja, ashes, broccoli, block, joint, boo, stinkweed, nugget, chronic etc. The names are many. In African countries, the Marijuana is famous as the dagga, kif, and ganja. When you look at the geographic names of the Marijuana, you will s interesting names. They are Acapulco gold, black Russian, Panama gold, indo Maui wowie, Texas tea etc. These names are not only interesting but funny as well.

They can kill your brain cancer cells

Since the advancement in research and medical testing, the growth of medical cannabis like THC and the CBD is increased. These are helpful in the killing process of the cancer cells. That is why it is getting popular. Both of the Marijuana classes help in the treatment of cancer and the cell construction. Many research and studies also show the actual effect of it. Thing is it is not to hold the cancer cells from growing or giving relief to the patient. This will completely kill the cancer cells. It treats cancer. Then, what about the good cells. Do not worry. They are intact. There will be no shortcomings. The research it on. As the scientists want to be 100 percent sure about the result.


Rate of suicides are less in the areas of Marijuana growth

It is unusual to see such kind of situations related to the Marijuana growth. You may not know this, but study and the statistics show this effect. A study from the Denver medical institute showed this incredible milestone. However, it is yet to see the results in other areas. There may be few studies based on this concept alone. The study has clear statistics, which will show this fact with numbers. The rate of suicide drops by 5 percent when it comes to the overall age group. The rate increases to the 9 percent reduction in the age group of 30 to 40. When it comes to the age group of 20 to 30, the suicide reduction rate drops by 11 percent. Is not it good? With time, we may such incredible facts about the marijuana.

Marijuana is highly helpful in the neurogenesis

This is another incredible and interesting fact about the Medical Marijuana. Both the cannabidiol CBD and the THC have this properties to regenerate your brain cells. In layman's term, the term neurogenesis is nothing but the proper regrowth of the brain cells. Now, we have read many such stories or the article that Marijuana kills your brain cells. However, what happened all of a sudden. Did the Marijuana cannabis go through any kind of transformation? No, it is the research, which shows the transformation. The study conducted by cannabis industries and the medical journals, we can find the information. The regeneration and the growth of cells increase in the hippocampus. It also helps to promote the calmness. It also helps in the reduction of anxiety and other depression people.

Two types of Marijuana with different effects

Two major types are Sativa and Indica. Some people say they tried marijuana and did not see the effect they wanted to see. Problem is not with the Marijuana but with the choice of the Marijuana. If you use the wrong kind then you will have different effects and outcome. Within these two major types. There are hundreds of varieties of Marijuana. You need to pick the right Marijuana, which has the property to treat your ailments. The Marijuana varieties are a blue dream, train wreck, blue cake, OG Kush, pineapple etc. You can take the right kind of Marijuana to treat PTSD, ADHD, anxiety and other depression issues. Take medical advice and approval of the local government body to take the drug.

A relation of Marijuana and the lung damage

It is important that you consider this. It is highly difficult to say that it will not have any kind of effect. As the Marijuana as high-level components in it, it needs some limitations on the use of the drug. With proper use of the Marijuana, it will have a positive effect on the lungs. The UCLA doctor has even said that the effect on the body is good with the medical drug.

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