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Talking about Flowers Indica, Hybrid, Sativa THC and Facts!

Indica Facts About Marijuana Form Types.

The usage of medical cannabis in modern times is controversial, and in recent years the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Medical Association, and other medical organizations have warned against its use for medical purposes.

In general, research says medical marijuana is safe and effective in controlling alleviating nausea, chronic pain, and treating wasting syndrome associated with AIDS, vomiting associated with chemotherapy, and controlling muscle spasms due to epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Many studies have suggested that cannabinoids may stop many kinds of cancers from growing and spreading, including pancreatic, lung, leukemia, melanoma, oral, lymphoma and other kinds of cancer. A significant proportion of oncologists supports medical marijuana as an option for their patients.Marijuana Flowers

There are several species of Cannabis they are:

Cannabis sativa: A strain found in Mexico and Central South America. The sativa plant is tall with narrow, serrated leaves. The plant has THC - the psychoactive-inducing part of the plant - and the effects are primarily on the mind and emotions.

Cannabis Indica: A strain found in Asia and India and grown in the US. The plant is short and stocky. Indica's effects are primarily physical and some emotional, including relaxation, sedation and pain reduction.

Cannabis Ruderalis: This plant is also called hemp and has no THC at all.

Cannabis Hybrid Strains: The result in a cross-pollination of various strains. The effects are often stronger than the original strain.

Unlike many abused drugs, an overdose of marijuana is not lethal, according to the National Cancer Institute. Although marijuana can be addictive for some people, the potential for becoming addicted to marijuana is lower than some other abused drugs and prescription drugs.

However, marijuana has side effects. The main psychoactive chemical in marijuana is the tetrahydrocannabinol, one of more than 60 cannabinoids (chemicals unique to marijuana). THC binds to cannabinoid receptors, which are found mainly in areas of the brain associated with memory, thinking, coordination, pleasure, and time perception.

Many studies have shown that regular use of cannabis may have neurotoxic effects on maturing brain structures. A particular study found that people who started smoking before they are 18 years of age showed a cognitive functioning and greater decline in IQ than people who started taking as grown-ups.

The effects of marijuana can interfere with judgment, balance, and attention. Marijuana also dominates the immune system, which can be damaging to some people, but useful for others with certain health problems. Although marijuana has been known to decrease pressure within the eyes, a symptom of the condition glaucoma, many research has shown that other drugs may be more effective.

Studies have shown contradictory results on whether smoking marijuana has any substantial cancer risk. According to the American Cancer Society, worldwide research into the benefits and side effects of compounds in marijuana is ongoing. Several chemicals found in marijuana are being developed into pharmaceuticals.

Canada, New Zealand and several countries in Europe have approved a nasal spray, which uses purified cannabinoids derived from marijuana for the treatment of cancer pain and muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved two drugs made from synthetic cannabinoids, dronabinol, and nabilone, which treat nausea and appetite problems in cancer and HIV patients. Still, marijuana has not been approved by the FDA as a form of treatment.

To conclude it can be said that while Cannabis for treating bad effects or serious or terminal illness may be an option, using it for pleasure or for not very serious purposes use your own judgement and speak with someone that can provide knowledge about the effects of Sativa, Hybrids and Indica.


Top Medical Marijuana Strains for The Mind and Body.

We probably have heard of the slang terms such as getting baked, getting high, as well as getting stoned. And these terms are but of the same meaning. All of these terms only refer to marijuana and its ability in relaxing the mind by clouding it. More so, marijuana has been proven to help when it comes to easing the body when it comes to body pain. Sativa also great for migraine headaches, it will reduce the chance of vomiting, also relaxes muscle tension that may accompany the migraine. But just like any other things that are used in extremes, marijuana can also lead to serious impairment when it comes to the motor skills. Fortunately, the different strains of this medical cannabis offer beneficial effect to both mind and body.

So here are the top 5 strains of medical-grade marijuana such as Indica, sativa, and other blends and their benefits to our health.

  1. Blue Dream It is characterized mainly for its dominant sativa with a trace of Indica. Its name was derived from the dark green appearance of its leaves, especially under the heavy trichomes. The Blue Dream is best used for people who have insomnia and also as a baseline medicine for pain. The Blue Dream has gotten the attention of many people at dispensaries because of the color and unique look it has.

  2. Green Crack The name might put somebody off. They might have things imagined as something close to being gross. But the green crack is actually a sativa/Indica in blueish/orange/light green-colored med that has actually a sweet taste and an intense effect on the body. Most of the time, the green crack is used for people who are dealing with depression, chronic pain, and even other mental health issues.

  3. White Berry Despite its name as White Berry, this is actually purple in color. It is composed of 10% sativa and 90% Indica. The White Berry gives another hybrid the run for their money because of its appearance which makes more patients be attracted to its strain. In the medical side, the White Berry is beneficial especially for those people who are experiencing muscle pain and muscle spasms. This is perfect for patients who have restless leg syndrome or basically those people who have muscular system problems. Most of the time, the White Berry is used during night time because of its intense effect in the body.

  4. A-Train A-Train is a pure and powerful Indica. This is quite sought-after since the A-Train is a cross of the Afghani plant and the Trainwreck. Some of the top benefits that one will get from the A-Train are the reduction of ocular pressure as well as an appetite enhancer. This has been used for many people who have an eye problem like glaucoma and for those with appetite problems.

  5. Canna Sutra This citrusy and incredibly sweet smoke is sativa dominant. It is reported to have aphrodisiac qualities. More so, its taste is quite high on marijuana but with a lemon undertone. Despite these, many bud benders consider Canna Sutra as their favorite. More so, it surprises people who prefer Indica meds because of its sativa content.

Sativa also great for migraine headaches, it will reduce the chance of vomiting, also relaxes muscle tension that may accompany the migraine.


Getting to know Marijuana Hybrid for Your Specific Needs.

Taking marijuana nowadays is not just about for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, it is also used for a variety of reasons. Many people are using this for the sake of being high and stoked for them to feel better. But for one to be able to enjoy marijuana, one must be aware and able to choose the right marijuana strain to get the best experience possible that they can get for the specific needs that they have. After all, there are more than 1000 variety of marijuana strains. These range from pure indicas or pure Sativas. Fortunately, we can now find marijuana hybrid that can give us the benefits of both worlds. Marijuana hybrids are actually a combination of Indica as well as Sativa plants.

When we talk about marijuana hybrid, we will see that either sativa dominant hybrid strains or Indica dominant hybrid strains. But just to set your expectations, you must know as early as now that the effect can vary depending on the most dominant strain of the two.

There are actually three categories under the marijuana hybrid. Get to know more of these.

Sativa-Dominant Hybrids

Taking Sativa-dominant hybrid is synonymous to having a relaxing body feeling paired with heady high sensation and energy. The Sativa-dominant hybrids are commonly used by people who would like to unwind and relax both their mind and body.

Balanced Hybrids (50/50)

By the name itself, it only means that the balanced hybrids have the true balance of both Sativa and Indica plants. It is popular for its heavy or energized and creative feeling that is usually associated with giggles. This happens because of the cannabinoids that are found in Sativas especially those with high THC\THCA content. So, if you are looking to get high physically and mentally, then this would be the best choice that you have in the market.

Indica-dominant Hybrids

If your goal is to have a strong body which is high and to relieve bodily pain, then what you need to have yourself should be the Indica-dominant hybrids. This is also the best choice there is for people who are looking for means for them to relax and sleep especially in the evening. People who have been using Indica dominant strains will tell you that they feel very relaxed and feel a “couch-locked” feeling. The good thing about the Indica-dominant hybrids is the fact that it is high in CBD levels. It only means that it is very beneficial for its medicinal purposes as well.

Fortunately, you no longer be alone in your journey in looking for the right marijuana strains for your specific needs. You can just look for a dispensary whom you can talk to and ask their budtender to help you with your search of the best cannabis that you are in need of. There are plenty of dispensaries that one can be able to find online. Hence, it is no longer a taxing task for you to get the best choice there is, check hybrid strains list.




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